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I'll Never See You Again
A True Story of Escape from
Nazi Germany to Palestine and Beyond
by Margot Barnard
Translated from the German by Marion Koebner
ISBN 978-1-84289-017-2

Margot Barnard was born in the small Rhenish town of Beuel, near Bonn, into a middle-class Jewish family. At the tender age of 13 she discovered Zionism and in 1936, with Nazi antisemitism in Germany at its height, she emigrated to Palestine, leaving her parents and brother behind.
Her story spans 20th century Germany, British Mandate Palestine, postwar Britain and life as an army wife posted to Gibraltar, Nigeria and Germany. Widowed in her mid-40s with two children, she fulfils an ambition to come to live in London where, now in her 90s, she still lives.
At the root of her book (originally published in Germany) is her determination to share her experiences and reach out to younger generations, forgiving but not forgetting, in the hope that the horrors she survived will never be repeated.

Softback, 138 x 216mm
224 pages text; 28 pages of colour photographs
Price £9.95

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