Good Earth Gardening
A Friendly Guide to
Growing Vegetables Organically
by Tim Foster
234 x 156 mm
164pp plus illustrations
ISBN 978-1-84289-020-2

Whether a novice, tentatively taking some first steps in the direction of growing your own food, or a more experienced gardener seeking to improve their technique, Good Earth Gardening provides a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide to growing vegetables, organically.

Written in a personal and reader-friendly way, the author Tim Foster looks at the practical considerations of growing plants in healthy soil, that in turn makes for healthy produce.

The underlying principle of organic growing is vitality – something that is recognisable, but hard to quantify, scientifically – and healthy, vital soil is the key to growing good, vital vegetables. Tim Foster devotes important parts of the book to examining in detail how good soil, the key ingredient, can be created.

Whether, it be a matter of converting a few square metres of your back garden to vegetable growing, using containers on an apartment balcony, starting an allotment, improving your techniques as an establisher grower, or even exploring the idea of sustainable food production, Good Earth Gardening will be an invaluable source of expert information and ideas, conveyed clearly and in an entertaining way, and illustrated throughout with Tim Foster’s own drawings.

* * *

Tim Foster is an organic gardener, teaching and working mainly in Bristol and the Southwest. A graduate in horticultural science and a qualified teacher, his in-depth experience and professional skills make him well equipped for encouraging others to engage in organic growing, something he has done successfully for over 30 years. He is also actively interested in sustainable and healthy food-production, one of the topics on which he touches in his wide-ranging book.


Softback. 234 x 156 mm. 164pp plus illustrations. ISBN 978-1-84289-020-2

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