Epilepsy Book for Kids

Epilepsy Book for Kids
by Layla Reid, aged 7
What to do if your mum or dad has epilepsy
156 x 156mm
ISBN 978-1-84289-019-6

Layla has been in the news a lot recently. She was runner up in the Young Epilepsy Champions Awards and in the Bristol Evening Post Gold Star Award; she is featured in a new film on You Tube called Four Chambers (www.youtube.com/watch?v=QfcLM8La68Y) and has had a letter from the Queen congratulating her. All that as well as being featured in several media outlets including BBC TV, The Daily Mail, Daily Express, Sun, Mirror, Western Daily Press (front page lead story) and Full House Magazine, among others. Best of all, her ground-breaking book is being recognised as an important contribution to raising awareness of epilepsy in children – a much needed development.

If you are a young child and your mum, dad or someone else in your family suffers from epilepsy, then knowing what to do when they suffer a seizure is quite a responsibility.

This is the way things are for Layla Reid, who is was seven years old when she wrote the book, and whose mother Sarah suffers seizures frequently. Accordingly, Layla regularly takes care of the situation, often when her father is out at work and she and Sarah are alone in the house.

Layla, who has had to grow up quite quickly and is wise beyond her years, had the idea of writing a short book with illustrations to explain to other kids in a similar position, what to do and what not to do in the circumstances.

When the book was shown to Pomegranate Books by Layla’s mother, it was decided to explore the possibility of publishing it in order that that other children might benefit from Layla’s experience and understanding.

After months of consultation with organisations such as Epilepsy Action and Young Epilepsy, to check out the accuracy and comprehensiveness of the book, and following a number of revisions – undertaken with the willing help of Layla – the book was finally completed.

The result is Epilepsy Book for Kids, which is written in Layla's own hand, complete with her own illustrations. With this highly-original book, that is both accurate and informative, epileptic parents with young children will have the added security of knowing that their offspring will be that much more capable of coping with their needs or the needs of anyone else in the family who is similarly affected, when the circumstance arises.

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